How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

How to Choose the Perfect Domain Name For Your Business

Having the right domain name helps you establish your credibility, makes it easier to promote your brand, and gives people a place to find you online. Your domain name is a big part of your first impression. It is going to live everywhere from on your business cards and promotional materials. Even your social profiles such as Twitter and Facebook will reflect your domain name. This article will guide you to choose the perfect domain name for your business.

Here are a few tips to consider as you are choosing a domain name for your business:

Easy to type and remember:

Your domain name is often the first thing people see and hear when they learn about your offering – so it should be easy to say, spell, share and remember.

Run the name by individuals not associated with the brand you are building to ensure it evokes the reaction you’re looking for, both in verbal and written form. It’s worth a little extra time to properly test with users now, rather than need to change it later.

Keep It Short And Memorable:

There are thousands of new websites launching every day. You need to be noticeable if you want have an impact on your target audience.Your domain name should be short, memorable and easily identifiable. Ideally, your name will reflect something about the core of your business – even if you have to add a splash of creativity to make it work.

Stand proud:

You should never have to “explain” or “apologize for” your domain name – if you do – you’ve chosen the wrong one. A strong domain name will not only help you attract and retain customers – but also attract investors who can help you to build your business. It will tell investors that your company pays attention to detail and has taken into account your brand, marketing and design strategies from the start. Be sure this is the right URL to build a lasting brand on!

Avoid Numbers And Hyphens:

Numbers and Hyphens cause problems, often misunderstood by your customers and make it more difficult to remember the domain name. Sometime people forget to add hypens in the domain name or misunderstood if you are using digit (2) in numeric format or written in alphabetic format.

Keep SEO in mind:

If your business is global, or if you ever plan on taking it worldwide, then be sure to get a global domain extension such as .com, .co, .net, .me

It will undoubtedly be a challenge to find that perfect name for your company and you’ll most likely need to be creative to find a domain name that isn’t already taken – but, if you look beyond the legacy options and consider new domain extensions, you are sure to find just what you’re looking for.

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